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Climate change stays on Joondalup City Council agenda

By Martin Dickie

As many of you will know, the Divestment arm of is waging a very successful campaign, urging all local authorities to shift their accumulated capital to banks that refuse to finance fossil fuel exploration or extraction.

Why aren’t we alarmed?

By Michael Fabiankovits

When talking to people about climate change and when listening to politicians talk about the issue, I get the distinct impression they think we have a lot of time. The sense of urgency is not there, and …

Vote for Renewables

By Daniel Burke

I recently took some family visiting from overseas on a trip to see the south west of the state. In Albany I made certain to take them to see the local wind farm. The fantastic view over …

Fossil Free Future

By Shane Kavanagh

As another federal election comes and goes, Australia finds itself caught between a choice of two transactional leaders. This was always destined to happen considering that we as a society have consistently failed to think beyond the …