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COVID-19 response must address climate change

By Celine Lai

On 8 April 2020 the Australian Senate established a Select Committee to enquire into the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals and organisations were invited to make written submissions before the end of May. Many of …

Energy efficient living

By Joan Day


Recently, I watched two videos from the City of Stirling produced to educate the ratepayers and residents in lieu of personal workshops during the Covid isolation. One video was about why we should install solar PV …

Fossil Fuels Subsidised?

By Greg Hocking

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan recently denied that the government subsidises Australia’s fossil fuel industry.

However, Jeremy Moss, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of New South Wales, has debunked that claim in The Conversation and …

There can be no climate justice without racial justice

By Rehana Khan & the 350 Perth team


In our June 2020 newsletter, a member of our team wrote a brief article acknowledging the Black Lives Matter protest that happened in Perth that month, and emphasised that there can …

Climate Bills in Federal and State Parliaments

By Rehana Khan


In the near future, independent MP Zali Steggall will introduce a private member’s Climate Change Bill into Federal Parliament, and Greens MP Tim Clifford  will be introducing a Climate Change Act in the WA State Parliament.…

Repower Australia

Renewable Energy in Australia – The “Repower Australia Plan”

By Celine Lai


The “Repower Australia Plan” is a joint project between the Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, Solar Citizens, the Nature Conservation Council, Environment Victoria, and It has been …

Carbon Dividends to bring down emissions

By Rod Mitchell

Australia needs much more aggressive cuts in emissions to reach net zero by 2050 as shown by the graph below:

Emissions graph

Note: LULUCF= Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby of Australia advocates for …

Black Lives Matter Protest

By Rehana K


On Saturday 13th June, I went to the Black Lives Matter protest at Langley Park in Perth. There were over 7,000 people there, despite the ongoing pandemic, and thousands more watching the livestream online – demonstrating …

Stop the Centre for Climate Damage

By Fossil Free UWA


The University of Western Australia decided last year to conduct research which will help build the Burrup Hub, to the tune of $600,000 from both Woodside and Chevron. Stop the Centre for Climate Damage is …

Protest Rio Tinto vandalism

By Celine Lai


In May 2020 a sacred site of major archaeological and cultural significance  was callously destroyed by Rio Tinto in the expansion of an iron ore mine in Western Australia. The site, a cave, showed 46,000 years …