By Jeff Wilson 

In February, I met with the CEO and Finance Manager of the City of Albany to invite them to consider‘s initiative to “Align Council Money with Council Values”, specifically to adopt  an amendment to their Investment Policy to prefer investing with banks that do not fund fossil fuel industries when they offer interest rates equal to other banks at the time of investment. The CEO delegated to the Finance Manager the task of preparing a report for possible presentation to Council in due course.

Denmark Shire offices with solar panels on roof

I also addressed a “Strategic Briefing Session” of the full council of the Shire of Denmark, at the invitation of the CEO, to present a similar pitch to that given to the City of Albany staff. The Council voted to get a staff report from the CEO.  The Shire had declared a Climate Emergency in September 2019 and the CEO is optimistic that Council will adopt a divestment strategy.

Public recharging facility at Denmark Shire Offices