Thank you to all of our supporters that came to the Women in Environmental Action awards night on Friday 6th March. ¬†Timed to counter the Women in Resources Awards sponsored by the big mining companies, our event was a celebration of Women’s achievements as well as a criticism of the fossil fuel industry. Climate criminals have been using events such as the Women in Resources awards night to distract from the fact that they are responsible for pollution that is creating climate change, a change that will disproportionately affect women in the global south.

We opened the night with a beautiful welcome to country from a key WA environmental campaigner, Corina Abraham. It was followed by a night of lovely food, moving speeches and wonderful celebrations of women. The winners in each category were as follows: 

  • Women in Conservation – Carmen Lawrence
  • Women in Environmental Policy and Education – Marji Puotinen
  • Women in Environmental Advocacy – Bella Burgemeister
  • Women in Waste – Lindsay Miles
  • Women in Environmental Activism – Shona Hunter

Special thanks goes to the organisations that donated awards and PA equipment and gave guidance towards the event. We would welcome any feedback on the event, please let us know your thoughts.