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What makes me a Climate Activist?

By Celine Lai


The first week of June marked the half-way point of my training with 350 Australia.

Here is why I work with this grass-roots movement which works tirelessly toward reducing carbon emissions to net zero as soon …

Ethical Sponsorship

It was only a few years ago that we were literally laughed out of a government film funding office when we reiterated our stand in not accepting sponsorship funds from the mining and resource sector for the Revelation Film Festival. …

Cockburn Community Campaign Success

By Greg Hocking


Since 2016 a small community group in the City of Cockburn has been campaigning to get Cockburn Cement Limited (CCL) to stop burning coal and to take other measures to reduce the toxic gases and particulates …

Murdoch Media and Climate Denialism

By Michael Dowling


The world has known about climate change and its anthropogenic causes from burning fossil fuels for many decades. Scientists raised the alarms and the world reacted. the UN held climate summits in Rio de Janeiro and …

Stop the Centre for Climate Damage

The University of Western Australia decided last year that it will conduct research which will help build the Burrup Hub, to the tune of $600,000 from both Woodside and Chevron. Stop the Centre for Climate Damage is a student led …

Anti Chevron Day 2020 May 21st

The aim of Anti Chevron Day is to shine a light on the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitting private company in history. Chevron are a bad corporate citizen around the world; fueling further climate change, endangering human lives, the environment, …

Cut All Ties Campaign – April Update

Since our last instalment A LOT has happened. We were busy right up until we went into lockdown.

On March 10 WA Parliament voted through a bill regarding a section of the Burrup Hub with little opposition from the major

Rio Tinto – Quit the Minerals Council of Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia are notorious for wrecking any attempt at climate action in Australia, and they’re empowered by the millions in membership fees that they receive. As the largest single member of the Minerals Council, what Rio Tinto

Extinction Rebellion Vigil

 By Jo Hoffman

XR Grandparents, an affinity group of Extinction Rebellion, held a very successful vigil in two phases at Solidarity Park – across the road from Parliament House –  from February 10th to 21st and again from March 9th