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We are building the Divestment movement and resisting new fossil fuel projects to build a broad and effective climate movement powerful enough to create a safe climate future.

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Join us at our regular meetings.
They are the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm.
They are located at 97 William St, Perth in the offices of the Uniting Church in the City (map). The entrance is beside the Wittner shoe store.

Email to let us know you are coming

The offices can feel like a maze – if you email us beforehand we can exchange mobile phone numbers with you. We use the lecture room on the 1st floor: go into the foyer and take the lift to the 1st floor; go along the walkway until the end and through the large hall.



FEATURED ARTICLE: The Colours of Hydrogen

By Chris Johansen

The current interest in hydrogen as a clean fuel to replace natural gas is understandable. When hydrogen is combusted it combines with oxygen to produce water as a by-product (good stuff, mostly, but scientists and engineers will

Scope 3 emissions, a poem

By Climate Poet Oz

The fossil fuel boss says:

“Scope 3?
It’s nothing to do with me,
Not my responsibility.
You know, we are not even properly counting,
It doesn’t enter into our accounting,
At least, not accurately.”

The Government …

Film Review: Regenerating Australia

By Victoria Pavy

Regenerating Australia is a mockumentary of news reports and press conferences featuring real news anchors and journalists, politicians, business leaders and citizens. It is based on a 4 month interview process with a diverse group of real …


By Chris Johansen

How does an experienced volcanologist convey to the residents in the valley that a nearby mountain will explode in a volcanic eruption within a month? Without that person being written off as an alarmist or sending those …

Kimberley Frack Threat Continues

By Chris Johansen

On 3rd May, Lock the Gate and Environs Kimberley presented a webinar outlining an extremely scary scenario if plans for fracking in the Kimberley come to fruition. Currently, proposals to begin fracking between Broome and Fitzroy Crossing …

2022, the Climate Election

By Nicholas D’Alonzo

The 2022 Australian Federal election has gone down as Australia’s climate election, with the Greens winning seats in inner city Brisbane, and “Teal” independents (part of the “Teal” Climate 200 supported candidates) winning in Liberal heartland throughout …

It’s Time to Get Off Offsets

By Chris Johansen

Greenhouse gas offsetting refers to an action that compensates for the human-induced emission of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere.

The most obvious example is the planting of trees, or other forms of