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  • No gas-led recovery – methane is a greenhouse gas

We are building the Divestment movement and resisting new fossil fuel projects to build a broad and effective climate movement powerful enough to create a safe climate future.

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They are the third Thursday of every month at 6:30pm.
They are located at 97 William St, Perth in the offices of the Uniting Church in the City (map). The entrance is beside the Wittner shoe store.

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The offices can feel like a maze – if you email us beforehand we can exchange mobile phone numbers with you. We use the lecture room on the 1st floor: go into the foyer and take the lift to the 1st floor; go along the walkway until the end and through the large hall.



A response to Mr Goyder, Chairman of Woodside

Noemie Huttner-Koros responds:

What occurred at Woodside’s AGM on 15th April was lawful, professional and respectful participation by concerned citizens – shareholders and their representatives – asking detailed questions across a range of issues including: Woodside’s business model and core …

Captured State Campaign Update

With the new state government re-elected and confirmed since our last update, we are delighted to welcome the new cabinet position of Minister for Climate Action. 

Amber Jade Sanderson MLA will fill this role and we look forward to discussing

Woodside AGM: No need for Scarborough gas

Outside Woodside HQ’s building on the day of their AGM April 15 2021

With the Woodside AGM taking place in the afternoon of April 15, we wanted to show shareholders, investors and the Woodside and BHP top brass, the opposition

How Newscorp monopoly stymies climate action

News Corp, which now controls nearly 60% of the print media in Australia, has skewed public debate on climate change policy, promoted grand-scale climate misinformation, encouraged negative sentiments towards climate action, and actively driven a political wedge into our public …

Fund Our Future, Don’t Frack Gasfields

By Janette and the Knitting Nannas Against Gas, and Frack Free Swan 

Hospitals, schools, renewable energy – there are so many smarter ways to spend billions of taxpayer dollars than handouts for oil and gas billionaires. 

Yet the Australian government

Woodside and the Burrup Hub Emissions Put W.A. into Crisis



Australia’s largest liquefied natural gas producer, Woodside, plans a regional hub on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia, which would enable it to develop trillions of cubic feet of gas over the next decades. Two new gas fields