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We are building the Divestment movement and resisting new fossil fuel projects to build a broad and effective climate movement powerful enough to create a safe climate future.

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Battleground Browse

By Nicholas D’Alonzo

The Kimberly region of Western Australia is a wild and beautiful part of the country but like much of the rest of Western Australia it also contains many valuable resources. Gas extraction in Western Australia is usually …

Safeguard Mechanism plays it too safe

By Chris Johansen

The previous federal Coalition Government introduced the Safeguard Mechanism, as part of their pretence that they were taking action on climate change. This set an upper limit of greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution for major greenhouse gas emitters, …

UWA Student’s Call for Divestment

By Victoria Pavy 

The case for divestment by the University of Western Australia from the Climate Underground 200 is outstanding, as understood by student activist group Fossil Free UWA (FFUWA). Amidst their studies, the students of Fossil Free UWA have

Sportswashing is the new tobacco sponsorship

By Nick Doyle

Recently there has been considerable pushback from within the sporting industry over sporting sponsorship by fossil fuel corporations or what has come to be known as ‘sportswashing.’ 

Similar to the idea of ‘greenwashing,’ sportswashing can be seen

A Catalytic, Cascading Feedback Effect

By Chris Johansen


Methane is the main focus of climate campaigners in Western Australia, particularly with the W.A. government’s promise to phase out coal-fired power by 2030. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is around 85 times more potent

The Northern Summer of Extremes

by Nicholas D’Alonzo

During the northern summer we have been seeing shocking images on T.V. Droughts, heatwaves and floods, leading to the loss of lives and livelihoods. For those who care about the earth and about others, it has been