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2020 Second Hottest Year on Record

Year after year, decade after decade, temperature records are rising due to the burning of coal, oil and gas.

This month, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released its Global Climate Report, confirming that 2020 was the second …

‘Woodside Enforcers’ dramatise gag order at Fringe Festival

By our ‘special correspondent’


As the price for continued financial support of Perth Fringe Festival, Woodside has obliged organisers and artists to self-censor and avoid any “act or omission” that might tarnish Woodside’s public image.


At the opening …

Extinction Rebellion’s Festival of Love and Rage

At the end of last month traffic was stopped for hours on St Georges Terrace, Perth, as the ‘Festival of Love and Rage’ brought hundreds of protesters onto the streets in civil disobedience to demand huge, urgent, change to tackle …

Australia Needs A Climate Policy

Australia needs a new National Electricity Objective.  Pages 6, 32 and 38 of the Repower Australia Plan explains this well. The National Electricity Objective (NEO) is the one sentence that rules them all.

The NEO dictates how the electricity market …

What are these masked intruders doing?

With over 12,000 members joined up so far, the UniSuper Divest campaign has already forced Unisuper to divest from thermal coal mining companies and commit to ensuring its investment portfolio reaches net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

However, UniSuper is continuing

Let’s Make WA a Clean State

By Celine Lai

Clean State is an independent initiative, led by the Conservation Council of WA, that advocates for action on climate change and jobs in Western Australia. Clean State promotes solutions that will create thousands of jobs supporting businesses, …