Extract from Repower Australia

Extract from Repower Australia

Australia needs a new National Electricity Objective.  Pages 6, 32 and 38 of the Repower Australia Plan explains this well. The National Electricity Objective (NEO) is the one sentence that rules them all.

The NEO dictates how the electricity market works.

A new NEO

Deliver an efficient, reliable, affordable, safe
and fair electricity system that is powered by
100% renewable energy

The recently announced Technology Roadmap is a set of technologies, which unless they are couched in a defined federal Climate Policy, will take us on the same old road of we can do bits and pieces to make us feel good, but they are not backed up by a long-term commitment or by legislation, such as Zali Steggal’s proposed

Climate Change Bill


The Frant: Australia still doesn’t have a real climate policy

To track Australia’s non-progress on climate change, please visit the sites below.

Climate Action Tracker

Climate Works Australia


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