At the end of last month traffic was stopped for hours on St Georges Terrace, Perth, as the ‘Festival of Love and Rage’ brought hundreds of protesters onto the streets in civil disobedience to demand huge, urgent, change to tackle the climate crisis.

XR protest

Photo Credit:  Miles Tweedie Photography

The ‘Festival of Love and Rage’ brought the demonstrators’ love of life to the corporate headquarters of giant fossil fuels companies. There was music, clowning, dancing, theatre and, unfortunately, drama as WA Police mistreated the courageous and staunch Extinction Rebellion Grandparents.

A statement from Extinction Rebellion (XR) said: XR believes in using civil disobedience as a last resort where other methods of activism have failed. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report states clearly that we have only a few more years to make drastic change or else we will be driven towards mass starvation and death – therefore serious action needs to happen imminently. In our mass actions, we aim to disrupt business-as-usual. Very few of people want to do these things, but they are necessary. Disrupting others is also often disruptive to ourselves too. Nine people risked their liberty and were willingly arrested to show their dedication to the cause. Find out more at the XRWA web-page