Captured State is a breaking report that exposes the influence of the gas lobby on WA politics, with some key new findings. 350 Perth’s new campaign is using these findings and the recommendations from the report to try to strengthen WA’s democracy from the insidious influence of the fossil fuel industry. 

As part of this campaign we are looking for people to get involved in discussing the report and its 6 recommendations with their local Members of Parliament. 

The Report explores the revolving door between the gas industry and WA politics; it compares meeting dates between fossil fuel companies and the government, with political donation dates; it maps political donations made by the biggest polluters in the state over the last decade; it shows the amount of emissions each project creates vs the amount they are supposed to offset vs the amount they actually offset.

Join 350 Boorloo Perth’s"Captured State" Campaign!

It’s great to see our report making serious traction in WA and nationally too. Senator Jordon Steele-John presented the “Captured State” report to the federal Upper House on 3rd December 2020.

It is important that the environmental movement also makes its voice heard through official channels, to counterbalance the lobbying of the fossil fuel industry.

To make this an election issue, we would like volunteers across WA to:

  • Meet with their local State MPs (Members of Parliament)
  • Meet with election candidates about the issue of gas expansion and lobbying
  • Turn up to candidate/election events to ask questions about this issue
  • Hold stalls at community events to spread the word


.When you join you will be sent a template to use to request a meeting with your MPe hosting an event with Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Wednesday 9th December 

.Read the WA Today news article about the report here


Listen to the Radio Interview about the Report, on SoundCloud

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