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by Andrea Azcarate

Santos first target of wider fossil fuel exit campaign

Activist investor group Market Forces is widening its radical campaign that asks ASX-listed fossil fuel companies to plan for their own demise in order to align with Paris …

Captured State Campaign update

Our Captured State Campaign continues in full swing as we meet and talk to current MPs about the influence gas lobbyists have on the WA Government.

Two Captured State campaigners meet  Hon. Sam Rowe MLC (in centre)

As we get

Join our pre-election media blitz

By Eileen Whitehead

Amplify your voice on the climate crisis by joining our pre-election MEDIA BLITZ to focus attention on the lack of climate action by our State Government.

  • One very quick action to put climate on the media agenda

XR Action – March 22nd

Extinction Rebellion are a group fighting for the same goal as 350: preventing climate change. Their next big call to action is an ongoing disruption of Business as Usual, starting on March 22nd. Business as Usual is what

Collie’s plan to transition from coal

By Alex Cassie

The town of Collie was created for the coal industry, which has powered WA for a century.  The Collie community is full of skilled workers who for generations have kept the lights on in WA.  The increasing 

“Natural” Gas contains radioactive Radon gas

By Ivan Quail

Australia makes up 5% of the world’s land mass, yet we have 34% of the world’s Uranium  reserves. Unfortunately, “natural” fossil gas is not pure methane. It also contains radioactive Radon gas, Radon 222, produced naturally in

Cry of the Forests – A must-watch film

Protected forests play a critical role in removing carbon from the atmosphere; bringing rain; and providing homes and food for wildlife. But every day in the South West of WA, 10 football fields of Karri and Jarrah forests are logged

Fossil Free UWA

By Maya Taylor-Trenow 

With last year’s funding cuts to Australian universities, the pandemic-induced decrease in international student enrolments, and the financial support offered by its close ties with oil and gas companies such as Chevron, Woodside and LNG, UWA’s Fossil

‘Gas-led recovery’ a load of hot air

By Cyril Toman


The Morrison Government’s spruiking of a ‘gas-led recovery’ and gas as the ‘transition fuel’ is – as we suspected – a load of hot air. So say two independent, authoritative, reports issued recently by the Grattan …