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‘Say NO to Scarborough Gas’ Campaign Updates October 2021

Over the past month we have been ramping up our community outreach and raising the awareness of Scarborough gas through our new campaign branding.

Dale the Whale made a splash at the Royal Show, where we collected around 1500 petition

Climate anxiety manifesting among the bosses of high emitters

By Celine Lai

Ketan Joshi from the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) explains that climate anxiety is manifesting among the bosses of high emitters, in an article titled “Welcome to the beginning of the fossil fuel endgame.”

The following

Commentary on the Prime Minister’s “Technology not taxes” slogan

By Chris Johansen

The Australian Government’s slogan addressing their approach to climate change, “Technology not Taxes”, has a lyrical ring to it but let’s flesh it out a bit.

Firstly, “technology”. 

The Coalition Federal Government is reluctant to

No Need for Scarborough Gas Campaign Updates September

During the past month 350 Boorloo Perth held its BHP rally, Woodside’s merger with BHP was announced, we marched in solidarity with Traditional Owners calling for the right to protect their cultural heritage, continued Woodside Wednesdays, and came up with

No New Urea Plant = No Scarborough Gas

Since the recently announced Woodside-BHP merger, we have been working on the next steps of the No Need for Scarborough Gas campaign. Now that we have a plan, we are going to quickly scale the movement to build pressure against