Extinction Rebellion are a group fighting for the same goal as 350: preventing climate change. Their next big call to action is an ongoing disruption of Business as Usual, starting on March 22nd. Business as Usual is what is destroying the planet: fossil fuel industries continuing to emit huge amounts of carbon; big banks funding climate collapse; oil and gas companies influencing political decisions. This has been made salient from 350’s Captured State Report

Environmental movements have led countless protests, over decades, and nothing is changing. The causes of this have been exposed in the Captured State report: huge donations from oil and gas to government, friendly get-togethers between government and gas lobbyists, and a revolving door between WA’s fossil fuel industry, political offices and state bureaucracy. 

That’s why Extinction Rebellion’s tactics are to have mass numbers on the streets for as long as they can, to demand change from the Government. This works brilliantly alongside 350’s primary methods – we can chip away at both ends. Meetings with MPs are helping inform them and make commitments. But this is a slow process so mass action demanding immediate change is vital. Let’s be honest, stopping these bribes from the oil and gas companies and the influence they have, as highlighted and mapped in the Captured State Report, is definitely low on the list of priorities for the government. 

In London in 2018, after a 10 day long disruption, the UK Parliament declared a Climate Emergency, showing these prolonged mass actions work. We all need to work together for our common goal, so let’s join Extinction Rebellion on the streets from March 22nd . We as 350 Boorloo Perth need to show solidarity to the other movements. 

All that’s needed is numbers. Please get excited, share amongst your contacts, book time off work, and RSVP here: https://actionnetwork.org/events/march-22-the-rebellion-begins 

The action will be full of music, art, creativity, inclusivity and fun, but most importantly the common goal and determination to demand action from the Government.