Outside Woodside HQ’s building on the day of their AGM April 15 2021

With the Woodside AGM taking place in the afternoon of April 15, we wanted to show shareholders, investors and the Woodside and BHP top brass, the opposition which exists to Scarborough gas.

 What is Scarborough gas?

Scarborough is a gas field off the coast of WA. Woodside and BHP plan to exploit the fossil gas from there and pump it to its existing facility near Karratha. With a pipeline linking the two facilities near Karratha, Woodside’s vision is to transform these two facilities into one giant fossil fuel project, the Burrup Hub. After that Woodside then wants to open another new fossil gas basin, the Browse basin, and pump that into the Burrup Hub too.

 The problems with this project are numerous:

  1. The Burrup Hub will have a huge impact on the Murujuga rock art which surrounds it. With ancient rock art already being affected by acid rain.
  2. The emissions caused by the Burrup Hub will make serious action on climate change impossible. It will last till 2070 and will create more emissions than four Adani coal mines.
  3. The Burrup hub will impact the habitats of endangered marine life, with pipelines running directly under whale migratory routes and oil rigs drilling directly into sensitive reefs.
Woodside AGM 2021

The effects on marine wildlife were spoken about at the rally and represented by our new friend, Dale the Whale. The threat to turtles and Pygmy Blue Whale’s were also represented by the beautiful artwork by WA artist Donna Chapman.

While work continues in multiple ways to stop these projects from proceeding, 350 Boorloo Perth sees our role as organising people on the streets to call out Woodside’s green washing and reach out to workers.

We have already been contacted by some of Woodside and BHP’s own workforce, telling us that they are unhappy about their companies pushing for Scarborough gas. We invite more workers to let us know their concerns and hope they will join us on the streets.


We are calling upon our governments to fund our future, not gas.



In 2013 Woodside lost all social license to go ahead with the James Price Point project near Broome.

Nearly a decade later it appears that history is repeating itself in more ways than one. In a hark back to the James Price Point campaign we are reinstating the successful Woodside Wednesdays.

Every other Wednesday from April 28th, we will be outside Woodside HQ to call out their efforts to create further climate damage with Scarborough gas.

We hope you’ll join us.


More photos from the 15th April 2021 event in the slideshow below. Click on the dots to go through the images.

  • Woodside AGM 2021

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