By Celine Lai


The first week of June marked the half-way point of my training with 350 Australia.

Here is why I work with this grass-roots movement which works tirelessly toward reducing carbon emissions to net zero as soon as possible.

In just 3 out of 5 training modules, I emerged from being a “lone wolf” –  not by choice but due to a constellation of personal conditions – to respect and know myself; To acknowledge that my activist work is important.

The information on social movements, campaigning, strategy, and organising have made me realise that even while being an activist as a “lone wolf” for 30 odd years in the fields of social justice and environmental change, I am part of a wider social movement.

My values and my love of life and my unshakeable advocacy for fairness have galvanised me into constant activism.

I feel the vibes of the 350 org as tunes of a great symphony, people totally dedicated to restoring our planet. The people of 350 sow the seeds of relationships and ideas, thoughts, feelings, conversations, and actions among the ground crew, who are those who realise we need to reduce carbon emissions world-wide by 2050.

I know that I am just one person and that each one of us is on the exact step of their path that is their unique way.

True activists do not compete with each other, but instead they collaborate. We share our stories. Our stories or our motivations and our experiences are the cement that we use to build cohesion around a common purpose.

As an activist it’s easy to be disheartened. If you’re a lone wolf looking for your pack you may almost give up. But your pure intent will get you to your tribe.

The tribe must focus upon the “hundredth monkey”effect –  when enough of us will bring a tidal wave to bear upon those who have the power to make the overarching changes. That day will come.

The 350 Leadership training teaches me the framework of HOW to work toward our goals, and this has boosted my morale and given me encouragement and motivation. I have found my tribe.

The WHY we move toward our goals is because we care.

And that is what really makes an activist.

By joining the climate action movement you will be supported by a network of committed people and by the awareness that you are doing your best while caring for yourself.

By rippling out information and actions to many others; signing up with climate groups; following and joining in their campaigns; and sharing them, you will build momentum toward achieving our climate action goals.