By Celine Lai


There is now, more than ever, a pressing need for people to step up and take action to restore our climate.  You can help.  Please refer people, who are concerned about fires or our climate, to the 350 Perth website.  Refer them to the 350 Australia website too.


Let them know that the best ways they can help are to learn about the effect of fossil fuels on our climate and how this can be addressed, and to SIGN UP with 350 Australia and with 350 Perth .


Then comes the Action bit!


By signing up with 350 you are committing yourself to informing yourself and others about how human beings have accelerated the warming of Earth. This has contributed toward thawing of the polar ice regions, and higher temperatures and increased fires globally.


You can make an enormous contribution to getting our Earth back to balance by linking with others and letting them know that you are helping.


We’re all in this together.  Every action that each person takes, to take out the pillars of support of the fossil fuel lobby (who put profits over people) is significant because it is a piece of work that drives a wedge between the profiteers and between the close-minded or single-minded people who ignore the climate scientists.


GOAL:   Net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


STRATEGY:  Stop fossil fuels and replace energy sources with renewables. Have a just or fair transition for workers as we move toward climate-friendly energy sources.


OBJECTIVE:  Stop Australian fossil fuel lobby groups from blocking any chance at the safe climate future we deserve.


TACTICS:  These are varied. When you sign up with 350 Australia and with your regional branch of 350, you will be advised of these.


The Theory of Change

If together we focus upon those that support the fossil fuel lobby groups, this will reduce the power of these groups. For example, if Rio Tinto and PriceWaterhouseCoopers withdraw their memberships of the Minerals Council, it would result in the MCA having less financial support.


A movement for change comprises many objectives and tactics. The way that you get to know what effect these are having is to be an active part of the movement.  We are making inroads. It’s important to know and to celebrate our wins. You will learn about our results by regularly helping out 350 and being a part of our activist communication channels.  Sign up to volunteer now.


Here are some practical things that you can do. Your special skills and interests will be gratefully considered by 350 and put to wonderful use in restoring our climate!


  1. Let others know about the fossil fuel lobby and who supports them.

The Dirt File – cut all ties with fossil fuel support


2. Ask anyone you know to sign up with 350 Australia at: and ask locals to sign up with 350 Perth at:  http://350perth.

3. SHARE the ABC Pocket Guide to Climate Change on social media and with others.


4. Take action in collaboration with 350 Perth and 350 Australia.  Follow their Facebook Pages, and share your actions on social media and with 350 by email.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


5. INFORM yourself and many others about the urgent need for renewable energy and energy-saving and a just transition for workers involved in the fossil fuel industry. Save Our Earth gives good news about many organisations who have detailed plans for moving forward.  The global 350 website has excellent Science information and Resources available.