by Andrea Azcarate

Santos first target of wider fossil fuel exit campaign

Activist investor group Market Forces is widening its radical campaign that asks ASX-listed fossil fuel companies to plan for their own demise in order to align with Paris climate goals, kicking off with a resolution put forward to Santos.

Woodside Petroleum, Oil Search, Whitehaven Coal and New Hope Corporation will be among the others to be targeted by Market Forces this year in an expansion of the strategy it introduced last year to use “wind-down” resolutions to try to ensure global warming is limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The campaign represents a major escalation from earlier typical demands for disclosure on climate-related risks, but has found support from major institutional investors including Aviva and Californian pension fund Calpers. Market Forces is part of the environment group Friends of the Earth.

Read more from the Financial Review 2nd February 2021


Climate Justice for Fossil Fuel Jobs

A little outdated now but this is a great introduction into climate justice for fossil fuel workers in the transition to a zero carbon economy, and the role of unions in this transition. For those that missed it, this piece communicates some of the key concepts that Alex Cassie (from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union) spoke about in the January’s meeting regarding the Just Transition Plan for Collie.

New Matilda, 6 Mar 2020


A Global Majority Supports Climate Action

The world’s biggest ever survey of public opinion on climate change indicates majority support for wide ranging action. The survey had over 1.2 million respondents, including over half a million people under the age of 18. The survey covered 50 countries, the populations of which host more than half of the world’s population.

UNDP, 26 Jan 2021


The Revolving Door Keeps Spinning 

The Morrison government has appointed fossil fuel industry leaders to the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee, the body responsible for assessing compliance and ensuring integrity of the (federal) Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Guardian Australia, 29 Jan 2021


WA Agree to Increased Gas Processing

The State Government announced that agreements with Woodside had been updated to allow additional gas to be processed in the North West Shelf facility, which will involve a new pipeline to be constructed between the Pluto and North West Shelf LNG projects.

CCWA, 29 Jan 2021


Last Minute Approval for More Gas

The Waitsia gas expansion and a gas-fired power station for FMG have received ministerial approvals just days ahead of the government entering caretaker mode

CCWA, 1 Feb 2021


Standing Up to Aussie Polluters is Particularly Tricky

Joshi is a great communicator on all things energy and climate change. In this article he argues that opposition to fossil fuel projects is more challenging in Australia because new/expansion proposals are ‘in such great quantity, and ingrained so deep, that it makes taking action against this very hard’. When our activism sometimes feels challenging, I take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t just feel difficult, it is difficult.

RenewEconomy, 5 Feb 2021


The Opaque World of Political Donations

Here are a range of pieces and a podcast episode following the annual disclosure of political donations by the Australian Electoral Commission. It shows what we already know, that there is a lack of transparency, and outsized power over our elected leaders from those who can buy their influence. Transparency in political donations is one of the key asks as part of the Captured State report, and it’s clear that full disclosure of political donations, or an alternative system altogether, would allocate capital to more productive causes and have benefits for all sorts of areas including urban development and anti-money laundering.

The Guardian Australia, 1 Feb 2021

WAtoday, 19 Jan 2021

WAtoday, Feb 4 2021

The Guardian Australia, Full Story Podcast, 4 Feb 2021

The Good, The Bad and the Missing: WA Libs Net Zero Plan

A good look at the strengths and weaknesses of the WA Libs proposition for net-zero by 2030.

RenewEconomy, Feb 11 2021

Carbon Pricing From Europe

The EU could apply its carbon tariff to the carbon footprints of Australian imports, in order to prevent undermining their carbon market.

The Guardian Australia, Feb 11 2021 


EV batteries that take only 5 minutes to  charge

Lithium-ion batteries that can be fully charged in five minutes have been produced in a factory for the first time. The technology could be used in a range of applications including electric vehicles.

The Guardian Australia, 19 Jan 2021