The Climate Justice Union is hosting two events in the local community for Shenton Park and Subiaco residents – online on 15th October and in person on 17th October.

The events are called ‘Shenton Park and Subiaco talk climate justice’ and are designed as an opportunity for people to get together with like-minded people in their neighbourhood to discuss climate-related issues that are important to them.

You can register for the online event here and the in person event here  and find our Facebook events here and here.

The Climate Justice Union is a community of ordinary people working together and pooling resources to:

  • Accelerate the fair and just transition to net zero emissions
  • Prepare for and adapt to climate change impacts
  • Take care of people and place.

Our primary aim is for Western Australia to rapidly transition to net-zero emissions, including exports, while taking care of people and place.

We are also offering an opportunity for organisations and groups who are active locally to share about their initiatives and give attendees a chance to connect and learn a little more about what is happening in the area. This would include someone sharing for a minute or two information about their organisation, their activities and how people can get involved or find out more.

If anyone would like to speak at either event, they can email or

with information about who you are and what your group/organisation does so that we can schedule you in.