We have been racing against the clock to ramp up the movement against Scarborough gas here in Perth and across the country.

Make sure you join our upcoming ‘Perth: Say NO to Scarborough Gas’ action on this Saturday, 27 November at 10am, in Russell Square (Northbridge). We will be creating a human sign and getting drone images to send a clear message to Woodside and potential investors.


Woodside has made their final investment decision on Scarborough gas. But if the company thinks the campaign is over, it has another think coming!

Take action to pressure Perdaman!

Over the past month, we have been continuing to target corporate investors and buyers of the gas to increase the reputational risk of being associated with this destructive fossil fuel development.

In particular, 350 Boorloo Perth and our local campaign partners (including XRWA and Drummers for Climate Action) have been targeting Perdaman, the company which wants to buy Woodside’s Scarborough gas for its proposed chemical fertiliser plant on the Burrup Peninsula.



We encourage you to contact Vikas Rambal, chairman of Perdaman, and urge him to consider dropping his contract with Woodside. You can use the contact form on Perdaman’s website or use our ‘calendar jam’ tactic guide to join folks across the country who have sent Vikas Rambal an invitation to ponder his role in fuelling the climate crisis.


Furthermore, if you have a Google account you can leave a 1-star review for Perdaman by googling the company and leaving a review:

You could even add pictures as a nice finishing touch!


On the 9th of November, National Australia Bank (NAB) released its new oil and gas lending policy, which allowed wriggle room for continuing to fund fossil fuel development.

According to 350 Australia’s CEO Lucy Manne, “Every dollar spent on expanding oil and gas financing is fuelling climate chaos – and in this policy NAB is leaving the door wide open to pour billions into fossil fuel expansion and infrastructure.

“NAB can’t claim to be listening to climate science or the community while it supports projects like Woodside’s Pluto Train 2 to facilitate the Scarborough gas project.”

NAB’s loan to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) helped them secure a contract to invest in Pluto Train 2, an infrastructure component critical to enabling the filthiest fossil gas project in Australia.

We took to the streets outside NAB to demonstrate that their outrageous policy won’t fly – and that the community doesn’t buy their greenwashing.


If you bank with NAB or one of the other ‘Big 4’, make sure you check out Market Forces’ great tool to divest your money from institutions that enable fossil fuel expansion.


As with the Woodside AGM earlier in the year, we teamed up with our good friends at Market Forces to ensure that the boards of these companies are held accountable for their actions – which affect the rest of the world by furthering climate and environmental damage.

We had a Twitter and social media storm to draw attention to BHP’s role in the Scarborough gas deal, and the fact that BHP is passing the buck to Woodside

If you’re handy on social media or spend a lot of time on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and want to use some of this time for climate action, let us know if you’d like to join the online team.

Other updates & actions

Our awesome campaign teams have been doing an excellent job at getting the word out about Scarborough gas, through banner drops, flyering, digital campaigns and stalls at community events.

Some very creative and daring folks even lit up the Woodside building with projections to draw attention to this toxic fossil fuel development.

Join us!

There is something for everyone to get involved with, so if you’re keen to join the movement, please sign up to volunteer and we’ll help you find the right group/role in the campaign!

We are continuing to run Scarborough Action Sessions on alternate Thursday evenings at City West Lotteries House from 6-8pm. At these sessions you can learn new skills, meet some wonderful like-minded people and make a difference to the campaign to keep Scarborough gas in the ground for a safe climate future.


Our next Scarborough Action Session will be on the 25th of November.

We look forward to having you join us!

To contact us directly about taking action or joining the campaign, email Rhiannon at rhiannon@350.org.au