By Rhiannon Hardwick

Woodside’s announcement about approving financing for the Scarborough gas project has galvanised the Perth community to take action.

During the week of Woodside’s announcement, there were grassroots actions taking place every day to raise awareness about the devastating impacts of this massive fossil fuel development.

Extensive media coverage of the climate impacts of Scarborough gas has demonstrated that our messaging is cutting through, and we are making a difference.

We have also made it very clear that this campaign has only just begun. We will continue to grow the movement, and will do everything we can to prevent this project from going ahead.

Grassroots movements are incredibly powerful, and have been successful at stopping disastrous fossil fuel projects in the past – from the Keystone XL Pipeline in the United States, to the James Price Point project here in WA. If you aren’t already involved in this campaign, we need all hands on deck  – that means you!

Sign up to volunteer here.

A very busy week for the campaign!

Human Sign Action

On the 27th of November, the Perth community came together to spell out how we feel about Scarborough gas in a human sign. Thank you to all of you who came along and helped make it a successful action!

You can watch the video of the human sign on Facebook here.


To contact us directly about taking action or joining the campaign, email Rhiannon Hardwick at