During the past month 350 Boorloo Perth held its BHP rally, Woodside’s merger with BHP was announced, we marched in solidarity with Traditional Owners calling for the right to protect their cultural heritage, continued Woodside Wednesdays, and came up with a new strategic plan for the next phase of our campaign.

This next month we will be drastically ramping up the movement against Scarborough gas and we need all hands on deck!

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BHP Rally

On the 17th of August, we held a rally outside BHP to deliver nearly five thousand postcards, each one an individual petition calling on BHP to not sign off on Scarborough gas.

Although the BHP staff refused to accept these petitions, it was a successful event which drew media attention (such as in this 9 News video) to community concern around Scarborough gas and BHP shirking their responsibility for winding down their fossil fuel assets by selling them to Woodside.

In very exciting news, Sea Shepherd announced at the rally that they were joining the campaign, which means we could take this fight to the high seas if it comes to it!


Woodside Wednesdays & the BHP-Woodside Merger Announcement

The Woodside-BHP merger announcement flooded the news during the week of our BHP rally. This deal would see Woodside taking on BHP’s entire global oil and gas portfolio, demonstrating that Woodside is so desperate to make Scarborough gas happen that it is willing to take on any reputational and project risks that BHP is trying to offload.

If the merger is successful (it still needs the approval of investors and shareholders), it could make it easier for Woodside to push ahead with Scarborough gas without BHP to block the process.

However, this agreement DOES NOT make Scarborough a done deal, and this is a critically important time for us to leverage uncertainty and increase the reputational risk of the Scarborough gas project to prevent it from going ahead.

For full updates on the merger and what it means for our campaign, watch our Woodside Wednesday updates from the 18th of August.

Our fortnightly Woodside Wednesdays are on regardless of weather conditions. At these actions we receive campaign updates, hear from guest speakers, and keep annoying the hell out of Woodside!

Follow Woodside Come Clean for updates and attend our next action at Woodside HQ on Wednesday the 29th of September at 12pm!

Click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event for Woodside Wednesday here

We will also start targeting Perdaman, a buyer of Scarborough gas.

 Make sure you read this article explaining the next phase of our campaign!

Upcoming Opportunities to Volunteer!

We have plenty of stalls booked over the next few months, including a stall at the Royal Show.

Stalls are an important opportunity for public outreach to raise awareness of the No Need for Scarborough Gas campaign, get people to take action and to build the movement.

If you’re interested in helping out with stalls, please sign up to volunteer!

We will have Scarborough Action Sessions on alternate Thursday evenings at City West Lotteries House from 6-8pm. At these sessions you can learn new skills, meet some wonderful like-minded people and make a difference to the campaign to keep Scarborough gas in the ground for a safe climate future.


Our next Scarborough Action Session will be on the 23rd of September. If you’re keen to join us, please fill out the volunteer form.

For those who would like more of a formal introduction to the No Need for Scarborough Gas campaign before getting involved, we are also running monthly welcome webinars on Zoom. 

This is a great entry point for you if you would like more information before joining our campaign.

If you would like to join our next Welcome Webinar on the 6th of October, sign up here.


There are plenty of ways to get involved, and we need all hands on deck if we’re going to have any chance of keeping Scarborough gas in the ground.

We look forward to having you join us!

To contact us directly, email us at perth@350.org.au