By Celine Lai

Clean State is an independent initiative, led by the Conservation Council of WA, that advocates for action on climate change and jobs in Western Australia. Clean State promotes solutions that will create thousands of jobs supporting businesses, families and communities and that will make our state a fairer, safer place to live and work.

Action on climate change is already beginning to deliver thousands of jobs and exciting opportunities for businesses and workers in all sectors, providing real benefits for communities and working families across WA.

But we are only just getting started.  The Clean State Jobs Plan, developed with experts and stakeholders from every sector, demonstrates how practical action on climate change and the transition to a zero-carbon economy presents the most significant development opportunity in our state’s recent history.

Join with West Australians supporting a Clean Jobs Target to harness opportunities for action on climate change and deliver at least 350,000 clean jobs for WA workers by 2025.

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A Clean Jobs Target for WA

The jobs could include:

  1. 70,000 new jobs that could be created as part of Clean State’s Jobs Plan
  2. 190,000 existing jobs could be made clean through Clean State’s Jobs Plan (or 14% of WA’s existing workforce) 
  3. A further 90,000 jobs (14% of WA’s workforce) could be made clean through action taken by WA businesses and workplaces at all levels. (This could be achieved if just 10 of WA’s biggest employers became carbon neutral by 2025 for example).


The McGowan Government has established Western Australia’s long-term carbon reduction goal of net zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, global emissions must peak and then reduce immediately, and continue to fall to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, followed by a period of negative emissions (also known as net sequestration).

The amount of carbon emissions that can be released into the atmosphere before 2050 is referred to as a ‘global carbon budget.’

Clean State has commissioned one of the world’s leading independent climate research institutions to produce the first carbon budget for WA that is compliant with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees temperature rise.

The “Carbon Budget for WA” report confirms the importance of fast reductions in the short and medium term. 

The key strategy is to decarbonise the power sector by a fast transition to renewable energy, taking advantage of the vast potential and low and falling costs of renewable energy and storage technologies and the opportunities for a range of sectors.

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The Western Australian Government is currently lacking a clear Government Policy Framework to accelerate the transition to cleaner, lower-cost energy, with more jobs and opportunities for West Australians.  

Please contact Premier Mark McGowan and ask him to follow-up on his pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, through practical and achievable initiatives, such as the:

Clean State plan

Repower Australia plan

Million Jobs plan