By Celine Lai


Right now you and your friends can help with the “cut all ties” campaign by signing up to be a part of the online action squad and by putting pressure on members of the Minerals Council of Australia to leave the MCA.  If this doesn’t seem enough to you, please be aware that the more people who get involved, the faster we move toward achieving our objectives.


Also, you can read the plans for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower and discuss them and share them with others.  Some of these are Repower Australia, Primed for Action, The Million Jobs Plan and the Clean Jobs Plan. The groups behind these are allies working together, not only to raise awareness, but to take immediate action, with or without the Federal government’s incentive and support.  The climate needs YOU to help persuade our Government to help!


The global 350 website has guides and templates that you can use for your actions, and excellent training resources at the link below. If you click on “Intro to Campaigning” you will be taken to a page where you can download the “Climate Resistance Handbook”, an excellent resource!


If you are interested in your local government divesting by moving away from high carbon investments, while supporting environmental and economic alternatives, please have a look at the 350 Perth page here.


SHARE and keep in touch with 350’s Fossil Fuel Lobbywatch at:


Last but not least, please let others in the movement know what you are doing. If we share our actions, then we are aware of our cumulative pressure.  As a movement we can assess and review strategies and tactics toward achieving our shared objectives and overall goal (reducing emissions to net zero).


This includes sharing your actions on social media, emailing 350 about your actions and ideas, and writing to the editors of your local newspapers.  Networking directly with organisations with the same goals as 350 is an important way of keeping in touch with the national movement. The Save Our Earth site has a Resources page with links to campaigners that you may like to support, in addition to supporting 350.


Thank you for championing the climate.  We need YOU!