By Victoria Pavy

Regenerating Australia is a mockumentary of news reports and press conferences featuring real news anchors and journalists, politicians, business leaders and citizens. It is based on a 4 month interview process with a diverse group of real Australians who shared their hopes and dreams for the country’s future.

There’s no doubt this decade has had a tumultuous start, with climate-caused bush fires and flooding, and continuous concerns about Indigenous rights, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and the health of our democracy. But these are the issues that Australians care about. So, what if we all took action? What if we are part of the answer, part of the road map to a future with the solutions we want to see put in place?

I personally had the pleasure of watching Regenerating Australia at a special screening here in Perth, after having met Gameau that same day at the Woodside AGM, and after such a difficult day I am immensely grateful my friends and I attended the screening.

It’s a lot to fit into 17 minutes, but the film flows beautifully. And implementing all these solutions within the next decade is no small feat, but we can take courage in the fact that these solutions already exist, these outcomes are achievable, and all we need to do is truly engage with our concerns and commit to taking action. Oftentimes, the rhetoric surrounding climate change is to the tune of “how do we fix this?” But Gameau invites his audience to wonder, “how can we address this, and in doing so, make our communities better?”

I cannot describe to you the smiles on my friends’ faces as the rolling credits ended and the lights came up. All I could think was: Everyone needs to watch this film.


If you’re concerned about climate change but not sure if you’re part of the solution, if you’re in need of some motivation to start or continue to take action, or of some affirmation that it’s worth it, please watch this film. And if you’re ready to take action but not sure where to start, you can TAKE THIS QUIZ to create your action plan, or SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER with 350 Boorloo Perth as we continue to do our part in fighting to stop fossil fuels in order to regenerate Australia.