Protected forests play a critical role in removing carbon from the atmosphere; bringing rain; and providing homes and food for wildlife. But every day in the South West of WA, 10 football fields of Karri and Jarrah forests are logged or cleared, with 85% of the wood sold becoming woodchips, firewood and charcoal.


WA Forest Alliance are at full tilt in the lead-up to the State election, ensuring that the urgent need to protect the South West forests is resonating loud and clear. We are in the best position we have been in for 20 years to protect what’s left of our precious forests, but we need to turn up the volume

The simplest and most powerful thing you can do is contact the WA State Premier via and then join the team to get more involved through the WA Forest Alliance website.

There is a spot for everybody in the campaign, with a whole host of activities underway. Visit the website for information about “The Cry of the Forests”, a powerful film about the truth that few know about, the threats to our forests.