Our Captured State Campaign continues in full swing as we meet and talk to current MPs about the influence gas lobbyists have on the WA Government.

Two Captured State campaigners meet  Hon. Sam Rowe MLC (in centre)

As we get closer to the election, the chance of getting a meeting with local representatives is less likely. With that in mind, we’re aiming to change our focus in the lead up to the election. While trying to engage with current MLAs and MLCs is still important, we want to hear the views of ALL candidates standing for this election.

How do I do that?

All your local candidates will have a social media presence. Get in touch with them by messaging their page and telling them about our Captured State Report and the six recommendations in it.

Attend candidate forums. Your local candidates and sitting members are likely to be holding campaign launches and candidate forums. Keep an eye out for them and make sure to attend, or forward the details on to us so we can get others to attend. 

Our main ask is whether these candidates will stand up to gas lobbyists and reduce emissions from the gas industry if they are elected.

Good luck, keep us in the loop and please get in touch if you would like a physical copy of the report.