Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge

The ABC’s new three-part documentary, “Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge” is a must-watch. It explains sources of emissions, such as the mining of fossil fuels, transport, food habits, and land clearing and strongly encourages householders and the community to reduce their emissions.

Open Letter to Climate Sceptics

Volcanoes do put out tons of carbon dioxide, enough to significantly mitigate our efforts at carbon dioxide reduction. The earth does go through ice ages and periods of warming. But what the earth does naturally isn’t why kids are out protesting.

School Strike for Climate Demo – 22nd September

On 22nd September, the CEO of Woodside, will speak at the Convention Centre about his “vision” for the Burrup Hub, a project that will be in production until 2070 and emit four times the emissions of the Adani coal mine.

National PwC Cut All Ties Campaign

The campaign to get PwC, one of Australia’s major auditing and business consulting firms, to cut its ties with the Minerals Council of Australia began by flooding CEO Tom Seymour’s office with over 300 individual hand-written letters.

Get involved now!

You can help with the “cut all ties” campaign by signing up to be a part of the online action squad and by putting pressure on members of the Minerals Council of Australia to leave the MCA

Nev’s Breakfast Action

When Nev Power, Chairman of the National Covid-19 Commission (NCC) Advisory Board, spoke at a “Success and Leadership” breakfast in Perth recently, 350 Perth and School Strike for Climate WA teamed up to reject Nev’s vision of a fracking, fossil-fuelled “recovery”.

Explainer: Why is 350 targeting PwC?

PwC claims to be a leader in sustainability – the first Australian professional services firm to become carbon neutral. Yet despite their publicly stated commitment to climate, PwC is currently a member of the Minerals Council of Australia – a powerful pro-coal lobby group.

How they made us doubt everything

How they made us doubt everything is a new podcast series from the BBC, which reveals how some of the world’s most powerful interests made us doubt the connection between smoking and cancer, and then how the same tactics were used to make us doubt climate change.

Wanted! Volunteer Climate Action Champions

Every action that each person takes against the fossil fuel lobby is significant. You can make an enormous contribution by linking with others and letting them know that you are helping. We’re all in this together.

SNAP ACTION at Nev’s Breakfast next Friday

On Friday 21st August, while NCCC Chairman Nev Power is in Perth spruiking his vision of a gas filled future, we are joining forces with School Strikes for Climate at Perth Convention Center to call out this terrible plan and demand that the Government reject it.