COVID-19 response must address climate change

Many of those who made submissions to the Senate Select Committee on the Government’s response to COVID-19 emphasised the importance of climate action as part of the response. These submissions can now be read on the Select Committee’s website.

Energy efficient living

When I first got married in 1972, our electricity bill came once a year and was about $12. But as everyone got electric water heaters, colour TVs, and all manner of other modern appliances, our power use increased and electricity bills came six times a year.

Fossil Fuels Subsidised?

Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan recently denied that the government subsidises Australia’s fossil fuel industry. However, Jeremy Moss, Professor of Political Philosophy at UNSW, has debunked that claim and confirmed that Australian taxpayers provide extensive financial support to prop up fossil fuels.

There can be no climate justice without racial justice

“Black Lives Matter” identifies a social movement. It’s not a literal claim that only black lives matter. It is a global grass-roots movement working to raise awareness of the injustice toward black communities and acting to remove that injustice.

Climate Bills in Federal and State Parliaments

In the near future, independent MP Zali Steggall will introduce a private member’s Climate Change Bill into Federal Parliament, and Greens MP Tim Clifford will be introducing a Climate Change Act in the WA State Parliament.

Repower Australia

The Repower Australia Plan is a joint project between the Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, Solar Citizens, the Nature Conservation Council, Environment Victoria, and It has been authored by the Community Power Agency, and can be downloaded from the website of Solar Citizens.

Carbon Dividends to bring down emissions

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby of Australia advocates introducing a Carbon Fee and Dividend Scheme. The scheme would charge polluters for each tonne of CO2 emitted, and the revenue collected would be distributed as dividends to all voting-age Australians.

Black Lives Matter Protest

At 350 Perth, we are constantly striving to be better allies to First Nations people. We recognise that there can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations people.

Stop the Centre for Climate Damage

UWA students have been incredibly active since February: flyering and holding outreach conversations; co-hosting a talk by Clean State; attending the Uni Students Climate Strike with banner and fliers; and running a flame bearing mini-rally outside the University Library.

Protest Rio Tinto vandalism

Last month Rio Tinto, who knew about the significance of the cave, destroyed a sacred site that showed 46,000 years of continual human occupation. While Rio Tinto wants to maintain a favourable public image, climate activists must expose the truth about Rio’s vandalism.