Global Anti-Chevron Day, May 21

Chevron is one of the world’s largest fossil fuel firms, and responsible for more carbon emissions in our atmosphere than any other private company. Chevron is WA’s biggest polluter, and, as our Captured State report has found, exerts considerable influence over the WA Government

100 Global Climate Policy Breakthroughs

Apolitical, ‘the global learning platform for government’, showcases climate policies that have demonstrated the potential for scalability and effective change, and highlights the real people behind them. Australia needs to step up to join the top list.

How climate change is affecting the Torres Strait

If nothing substantial is done about climate change, Torres Strait Islander peoples will become climate change refugees in their own country. Zenadth Kes or the Torres Strait Islands, off the coast of Queensland, are home to unique indigenous cultures

A response to Mr Goyder, Chairman of Woodside

Woodside Chairman Richard Goyder is calling on the corporate regulator and the federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg to reform AGM rules to prevent what he describes as “activists overpowering real shareholders”.

Woodside Chair rattled by shareholder questioning

When questioned by shareholders about Woodside’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and about its controversial Scarborough gas project, Company Chair Richard Goyder looked and sounded like a man who was anything but confident.