Why aren’t we alarmed?

Despite 30 years of warning, firm science, and consequences being worse than predicted, we still act as though climate change is no big deal and there is no rush to deal with it. How can the urgency be better explained? I make an attempt below.

Vote for Renewables

When it comes to the energy industry there is a clear choice to be made in this coming state election, regardless of if you wish to see the government prioritize the environment, state finances, or jobs. Please do not reward the government for their abysmal failure in renewables.

Fossil Free Future

As another federal election comes and goes, Australia finds itself caught between a choice of two transactional leaders. This was always destined to happen considering that we as a society have consistently failed to think beyond the next year, let alone the next 3 or 30. However, the threat of climate change has caused a stir within the population – a stir which has turned into a cyclone.

Western Australian Local Government Divestment

The divestment campaign to move funds away from supporting fossil
fuels is one of the fastest in history. Announcements are occurring with increasing regularity including recently the Newcastle Council with $270 million in investments and the ACT Government.