The controversial Scarborough gas project is now very well known and associated with its operators, Woodside. But what often gets forgotten is the other joint venture partner, BHP.

BHP has a 26.5% share in Scarborough and therefore a 26.5% share in the damage that this project would cause. 

The damage and destruction caused by Scarborough would include:

  • 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon emissions over its lifetime
  • Devastating effects on cultural heritage as acid rain from the Pluto facility would increase and further destroy the ancient Murujuga rock art
  • The destruction of pristine marine life in the Montebello Marine Park and other areas


There is no need for Scarborough gas for any of us, but particularly for BHP.

BHP says that is ‘helping to build a cleaner world’ with its iron ore and copper resources. In 2020 roughly $42Billion of BHP’s revenue derived from these commodities. Petroleum counted for less than 10% of its revenue.

Many adverts at the moment are filling our screens touting BHP’s climate credentials and they have the opportunity to lead the way on climate action by keeping this untapped fossil fuel resource in the ground.

If BHP has a climate plan, and is taking serious action, it should drop Scarborough gas.

Take action

All eyes will be on BHP on the day of their AGM in October. Between now and then we will be pressuring them to drop Scarborough gas and we need your help..


From now until October we will be collecting thousands of postcards addressed to BHP’s CEO, Mike Henry to show the amount of community opposition to this project.

On the day of the AGM we will be delivering them all to BHP’s offices in Melbourne and here in Perth. BHP will be forced to address not only the concerns of the community, but the recommendations of the International Energy Agency to abandon Scarborough gas.

This battle is huge and there is much at stake. But we cannot win without people like yourself taking action. That’s why we need teams of people getting the word out about Scarborough gas and amplifying more voices to speak out against it.

So, will you help us to collect thousands of postcards to hand over to BHP on the day of their AGM in October?

Sign up here and we can send you postcards which you can sign and give to your classmates or work colleagues and neighbours, family and friends, collect from them and send back to us.









Sign up to put them on the counter of your business, hold a stall at your local market to promote this action, or place postcards at any other events where you can reach more people and get more postcards signed, and possibly even start your own group with support from us.

You may have more ideas to help support this campaign, in which case get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll keep you updated with news about Scarborough, but now is the time to get involved if you’ve ever even considered it. Email us: 

The next three months will be big. We need you now.  Thank you!