The aim of Anti Chevron Day is to shine a light on the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitting private company in history. Chevron are a bad corporate citizen around the world; fueling further climate change, endangering human lives, the environment, avoiding tax and refusing to pay to clean up their own oil spills. We stand against them on Anti Chevron Day as a global community:

  • In solidarity with communities affected by Chevron’s polluting activities
  • Against their corporate greed which wrecks our climate and people’s lives across the world


This year we will be taking part in an Anti Chevron Day social media storm and we encourage you to as well.  To take part, we’d like you to post your anti Chevron messages on social media platforms throughout the day, using the hashtag #AntiChevronDay


If you are on Twitter you can be part of a Twitter storm between 8am and 9am on May 21. We’d like participants to tweet at least five times in this hour to create a barrage of tweets showing how bad Chevron really are. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to tweet, here are some examples:


Today we are taking part in #AntiChevronDay as we stand with communities here & across the world who seek justice from the biggest polluter in the world; @Chevron


Some of the biggest causes of the Climate Crisis are the biggest historic greenhouse gas emitting companies. Top of that list is @Chevron #AntiChevronDay


Imagine a multinational corporation intentionally dumping 19 billion gallons of toxic water in your backyard. Because that’s exactly what @Chevron did in Ecuador and they refuse to clean up this deadly mess. #AntiChevronDay #DiaAntiChevron #ChevronToxico