By Andrea DoCouto-Azcarate

A group of approximately 10 of us, including a good group from Fossil Free UWA, hopped over to Adelaide for some joint training with Fossil Free South Australia (a.k.a 350 in Adelaide).  We had a great time and we’ve come back fired up and ready to supercharge our No Need for Scarborough Gas campaign.

350 Boorloo Perth, Fossil Free UWA and Fossil Free SA volunteers at our joint training camp

I’m sure everyone went away with their own learnings and reflections, but this is my take on the weekend:

We made friends!
I feel really lucky to have spent time with a bunch of other people that care about the world around them. There was a lot of laughter, funky dance moves, meaningful conversations, and a few (good) tears – mostly from me.

Particular shout out to Fossil Free SA who certainly made us feel at home; we are incredibly grateful to them, particularly for keeping us well fed for the entire weekend!


We’re part of an incredible community

We learned about Australia’s national campaigns, and actions taken by other local groups across the country. This of course included a low-down on Fossil Free SA’s inspiring work demanding that the Tour Down Under end their partnership with Santos (i.e. #BreakAwayFromGas, check it out here).

The Our Islands, Our Home campaign, which many of you will know about, also really stuck with me.

I was reminded that we are working as part of an amazing global movement of other grass-roots activists, and felt inspired by the incredible work we’re all doing to build a fossil free future.


We developed our skills

Wow, we learned a lot! Highlights for me included:

  • a visit from Mark Parnell (ex MLC in the South Australian Parliament) and Penny Wright (ex Senator for South Australia) who very kindly imparted their wisdom on engaging with political decision makers
  • How to run a successful de-sponsorship campaign
  • How to engage with the media, featuring some fun TV interview role-plays


We’re grounded in climate justice

We had frank and open conversations about what climate justice means for us as we take action on climate change in our communities. I reflected on the question of, ‘is what we’re doing in line with an overall vision of a better world?’ – a vision that includes a climate-safe future and justice for First Nations peoples, fossil fuel communities that have transitioned to other livelihoods, and freedom from prejudice and xenophobia.


We’re excited and ready for the next steps

We really got our head around the basics of organising, and armed ourselves with some key tools to figure out:

  • What are our overall goals and vision?
  • What is the issue we’re tackling, and how to break the issue into all of its different parts
  • Who is involved, who should we be engaging, how do they align with our aims, who’s got the power?
  • How will we meet our aims, and what actions will we take to get there?

We got started with using these tools, applying them to the ‘No Need for Scarborough Gas’ campaign

I’m really looking forward to the 350 Borloo Perth’s strategy session, where we’ll be drawing up a kick-ass plan to fire up our actions for the rest of the year, including lots of fun bits to keep us energised and excited along the way.

Everyone is more than welcome to our strategy session, and it’s a great one to start with if you’ve never come along to a 350 Boorloo Perth event before.


Join our strategy meeting this Thursday, 15 July, from 6 – 8pm at City West Lotteries House (2 Delhi St., West Perth). There is free parking and pizzas will be provided!

Call Rhiannon on 0411 229 457 or Anthony on 0404 753 404 when you arrive so we can let you into the building!