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We are building the Divestment movement and resisting new fossil fuel projects to build a broad and effective climate movement powerful enough to create a safe climate future.

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Join us at our regular meetings.
They are the third Thursday of every month at 6:30pm.
They are located at 97 William St, Perth in the offices of the Uniting Church in the City (map). The entrance is beside the Wittner shoe store.

Email to let us know you are coming

The offices can feel like a maze – if you email us beforehand we can exchange mobile phone numbers with you. We use the lecture room on the 1st floor: go into the foyer and take the lift to the 1st floor; go along the walkway until the end and through the large hall.



The Story of Plastic: A documentary

Review by Michael Dowling

I’ve always thought of myself as reasonably environmentally aware. A person who understood the key factors of what’s going on in our world.

After watching this documentary, The Story of Plastic, I realise I have …

Shenton Park and Subiaco talk climate justice

The Climate Justice Union is hosting two events in the local community for Shenton Park and Subiaco residents – online on 15th October and in person on 17th October.

The events are called ‘Shenton Park and Subiaco talk climate justice’ …

Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge

By Celine Lai

Episode One – Coal and Gas

Craig Reucassel introduces the series by telling us that per person per hour, on average, each Australian person emits 4 times the global average of carbon dioxide.   Power or electricity generation …

Open Letter to Climate Sceptics

By Emily Siggs


Dear climate sceptics,

I’ve studied earth science, and while I’m not an expert in the field, at least I’m not the CEO of a mining company (read: someone who financially benefits from the fossil fuels industry) …

School Strike for Climate Demo – 22nd September

If the Burrup Hub project goes ahead according to Woodside’s plans, it will be in production until 2070. It will emit four times the emissions of the Adani coal mine, making it Australia’s most polluting fossil fuel project. This is …

National PwC Cut All Ties Campaign

By Rosa Hicks and Rhiannon Hardwick

People from all over Australia expressed their concerns about PwC’s membership of the Minerals council, a pro-coal lobby which has been holding back government action on climate change for over 20 years.

letters to pwc

Once restrictions …

Get involved now!

By Celine Lai


Right now you and your friends can help with the “cut all ties” campaign by signing up to be a part of the online action squad and by putting pressure on members of the …

Nev’s Breakfast Action

Nev Power, Chairman of the National Covid-19 Commission (NCC) Advisory Board, was the guest speaker at a “Success and Leadership” breakfast held in Perth on Friday 21 August. Because of Covid restrictions, this was the first opportunity any community in …